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EADDAT Tier 2 - R1-R7 Full collection

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The Environments for Ageing and Dementia Design Assessment Tool (EADDAT) is a valuable resource for influencers of the built environment, health and social care practitioners and individuals supporting a loved one with dementia. It can be used for existing, new-build and refurbishment projects across a range of settings; including the home, cafes, restaurants, care homes, day care centres, hospitals and faith buildings. 

This independent evidence-based tool and assessment methodology ensures each project achieves the highest possible standards in ageing and dementia design, suitable for the level of intervention possible within the scope of the project. 

EADDAT is split into three tiers. This is Tier 2, which has seven resources, each designed to be appropriate to the project area:
R1 - Outdoor environments + the public realm 
R2 - Care environments
R3 - Shopping + town 
R4 - Eating, drinking + socialising 
R5 - Activity + leisure 
R6 - Public buildings + work
R7 - The domestic environment

Resources R1 - R6 are accompanied by 'The Essentials' booklet which includes supporting information and a checklist covering:
- Entrances
- Circulation
- Toilets
- Contrast
- Patterns and colours
- Fixtures, fittings and finishes
- Light levels
- Acoustics
- Signage and way finding
- Technology and interfaces
- Heating and small power 


IBSN: 978 1 908063-37-3

Edition: 1st

Pages: 206 - R1-R7 the full collection + 49 - The Essentials 

Publication: 2022